Why Us

Concept Marketing Group maximizes opportunities for our clients by leveraging our licensing expertise, customer service, industry research and relationships. Multi-Dimensional Licensing is our unique licensing process and the foundation for optimizing your licensing experience.

Licensing Expertise
With over 30 years of licensing and marketing experience delivering high-profile innovative licensing successes, Concept Marketing Group has garnered an industry-wide prominence. Our ability to facilitate and expedite the licensing process and guide you through it ensures your experience will be professionally executed. As a result of our notable accomplishments, we are often featured in the media and provide valuable business insights. This enables us to generate even more exposure for our clients.

Client Services
Concept Marketing Group manages and assists you throughout the licensing process. As the professional link between licensor and licensee, we facilitate communication between all parties; work with your legal team to draft, structure and negotiate the licensing agreement to your benefit; and address potential issues before they arise. We remain actively involved in the process to ensure the optimal licensing experience for our clients.

Multi-Dimensional Licensing Graphic

Industry Research
Our industry knowledge and research are invaluable tools. For the licensor, our research assists us in defining which product categories are potential areas of growth and which areas to avoid. Categories that are over-saturated and those too promotional can damage your brand. For the licensee, our research helps target the most desirable brands either established or on the rise.

Concept Marketing Group maintains relationships with the most respected brands and manufacturers. Our exclusive data management program is a powerful marketing tool - efficient in targeting and leveraging the best strategic alliances. We explore the widest range of prospective licensor and licensee partnerships available and then effectively pinpoint the most compatible matches. Optimal licensor and licensee alliances are based on the compatibility of company goals and culture.